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Eyeshadow brush for professional blending & shading. Easy blending of powdery and creamy textures. Round and short brush head made of high-quality pony hair. Ideally suited for lid crease, eye socket & the outer corner of your eye
B$ 16.90
Boasting of strong adhesion while being barely noticeable, Automatic Beauty Double Eye Liquid is the perfect double eyelid makeup that creates bigger, brighter, and deep eyes!
B$ 24.90
Clear double-sided and strong adhesive tape. Hassle free, no mess, pre-slit clear film allows easy application without touching stick sides of the tape. Tapes are short to form double eyelid by bonding the inner/upper eyelid crease.
B$ 29.90
An indispensable product for those who have undefined eyelid crease lines when false lashes are attached, Automatic Beauty Eyelash Wick creates high impact and define double eyelids when attached with false eyelash!
B$ 20.90
Promising to create high impact sharp double eyelids, AB Mezical Fiber 2 ensures that even stubborn heavy double eyelid looks naturally creased under its extra-fine fiber! Thin as a thread, it creates long-lasting double eyelids with its strong adhesive force while remaining inconspicuous with or without makeup!
B$ 35.90
Have natural looking double eyelids even with makeup!
B$ 24.90
With its translucent tape that blends with your skin tone naturally, Automatic Beauty Single Eye Tape can create long-lasting, deep crease lines easily and speedily!
B$ 24.90
Professional duo brush. Keeps the brows in perfect shape. Made of premium, synthetic bristles. Vegan.
B$ 5.40
Tape for eyeshadow and eyeliner. Accurate edges and transitions for the eyes. Simple application.
B$ 4.90
Three soft sponge applicators. Ideal application of cream or powder eyeshadows. Professional results. Vegan.
B$ 3.90
Simple application of false lashes. Easy to use. Accurate results. Vegan.
B$ 7.90
For extraordinary curl. Integrated, removable comb. With two replacement pads.
B$ 7.80
Sharpener for cosmetics pencils. For jumbo and slim pencils. Accurate results.
B$ 3.90
but first, blending!
B$ 3.30
Futae Labo is a double eyelid glue that helps to create a natural-looking crease with a semi-matte finish.
B$ 24.90
An eyelash curler made of the finest quality stainless steel
B$ 11.95
Effortlessly give your lashes maximum curl for a more dramatic look with the 24k gold plated eyelash curler.
B$ 13.90
A contouring brush ideal for applying eyeshadow.
B$ 6.50
A multi-purpose brush for smoothing eyebrows and separating eye lashes.
B$ 7.50
Pack of 12 quality sponge tips for even eye make-up application in a convenient purse pack.
B$ 5.50
Manicare Cosmetic Applicators are dual ended bristle and sponge tip applicators.
B$ 6.50