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Biossentials is a leader in aromatherapy spa, body and beauty products since 1999, trusted by the finest spas, reosrts and hotels around the globe. It balances eastern and western philosophies built on a foundation of health and wellness reflecting the power of nature and the purity she offers. Biossentials today continues to embrace nature's goodness, providing products with easy-to-use DIY methods that invites participation in the creation of fresh, customised treatments, free of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

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Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial
B$ 17.00
Traditionally used to uplift, energise and invigorate the spirit and clear the mind. It is generally used in skincare products for its astringent properties for blackheads, oily and congested skin to cleanse and tighten pores. It may also aid in repelling insects.
B$ 15.00
Stimulating & Anti-rheumatic
B$ 17.00
Comforting & Strengthening
B$ 39.00
Anti-depressant & Harmonising
B$ 35.00
Warming & Digestive aid
B$ 23.00
High source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are found useful to assist dry, irritated and weathered skin.
B$ 21.00
Balancing & Detoxifying
B$ 28.00
Anti-depressant & Strengthening
B$ 28.00
Rose Geranium continues to be used to relieve the mind of stresses, promote relaxation or enhance energy (depending on the user), stimulate circulation, help regulate blood sugar, minimize varicose veins, ease symptoms of menstruation and menopause, balance the skin’s oil production, facilitate the healing of abrasions and infections, soothe inflammation, and ease physical pain and soreness.
B$ 30.00
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