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Intensively hydrating anti-aging serum with lifting effect. Hydrating anti-aging serum. Lifting effect: Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. For an even and fresh complexion
B$ 47.90
Revolutionary anti-aging serum for a youthful appearance. Hydrating serum with instant firming effect. Anti-aging effect—prevents signs of skin aging. Long-lasting effect
B$ 39.90
Formulated to balance sebaceous gland over activity, unblock clogged pores, soothe irritation and improve skin condition.
B$ 26.00
This exquisite essence with natural anti-aging properties contains nature’s finest pure essential oils to stimulate, enrich and restore skin texture
B$ 29.00
Formulated to stimulate and balance sebaceous gland function to refine skin texture and nourish for softer, glowing moisturised skin.
B$ 26.00
This essence is formulated to reduce overactivity of sebaceous glands and the occurrence of acnes. To tone, balance and encourage a glowing skin that is refined and clear.
B$ 26.00
Aromatherapy facial essence for sensitive skin to effectively calm and soothe irritation, redness and reactive skin.
B$ 26.00
Refreshing serum with ginger complex, hyaluronic acid and PHA. Energy boost for the skin. Revitalizes tired skin. Vegan.
B$ 11.20
Vitamin complex for a healthy glow. Apply as a nourishing basis before foundation or on cleansed skin. Contains vitamin C, E and B3. Vegan.
B$ 11.50
For alert, bright eyes. Contains hyaluronic acid and caffeine. Free of perfume and microplastic particles. Vegan.
B$ 8.90
Moisturizing and skin-soothing. Has a plumping effect. Ideal basis for every make-up looks. Vegan.
B$ 11.20
Pore-refining serum with 10 % niacinamide. Proven to minimize the pores and reduce skin shine. Suitable for oily and combination skin. Vegan.
B$ 11.50
Serum with vegan collagen, hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol. Plumping, nourishing texture. Combats the first signs of skin ageing. Vegan.
B$ 13.50
Contains trehalose that "protects" hyaluronic acid that "stores". Double moisturizing power to the skin.
B$ 14.90
A beauty essence containing whitening and rough skin prevention ingredients.
B$ 19.90
Good morning and goodbye dark circles!
B$ 6.90
capsules powercharges the serum with anti-oxidant keeping the purity until the moment of use.
B$ 31.70
Functional serum that allows for a clear and translucent moisturization from the inner layer of the skin. Main ingredients: Niacinamide, Adenosine, Damask Rose Water, Plant Stem Cell.
B$ 31.50
The intensive expert serum that corrects and prevents all types of dark spots, evens out and lightens the complexion for all phototypes of sensitive skin.
B$ 39.90
The moisturizing concentrate that deeply hydrates 24hrs, intensely boosts radiance and protects sensitive skin from pollution.
B$ 29.90
Fast absorbing serum concentrate.
B$ 13.75
Serum with 72 Hours Hydrating Active and Rose Oil hydrates and maintains skin moisture.
B$ 18.70
Serum with Vitamin B3 content.
B$ 13.50
With 10x Advanced Niacinamide content to brighten your face.
B$ 4.50
An essence with Apple Phyto Cell Extract to restore your skin moist to keep it firm, elastic, glowing and springy. Get rid of your visible lines and early wrinkles with The Argireline Peptide.
B$ 13.80
A 10-active-ingridient-contained serum to help 10 signs of aging.
B$ 12.95
Intense brightening essence.
B$ 12.65
A booster to reduce dark spots, brighten and moisturize your skin.
B$ 11.95
A highly concentrated serum.
B$ 11.20
Benefits: 1. Intensely renews the skin. 2. Boosts the efficiency of the care. 3. Corrects all signs of aging.
B$ 89.00