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Founded by the renowned Malaysian singer, Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, BeauSiti positioned as the premium Halal brand, with the quality at par with international brands.
It is a clean brand, attracting informed and wellness-motivated consumers who are taking more holistic approach to their health. In a world where health & beauty dominates the marketplace, Beausiti has chosen a more purposeful path, guided by the belief that the ideas of Beausiti reinforced through natural ingredients and supported with understandable and believable claims for everyone.
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Beaukids is a tasty and nutritious jelly drink made from Strawberry Puree and multivitamins to help support your child’s healthy growth and development.
From B$ 0.50
BeauSiti Beaunest: Bird’s Nest Drink With Honey, Lemon and Peach is made by genuine bird’s nest, honey, lemon and peach by using the latest advanced technology and traditional recipe.
From B$ 1.25
Beaunest, is a bird nest drink that is rich in nutritional value as it contains ingredients that provides energy and boosts the immune system – particularly in improving one’s lung health.
From B$ 1.25
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