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A combination of German Chamomile, Bulgarian Damask Rose and Lavender organic floral waters are especially soothing and gentle for sensitive and delicate skin. Also useful for tired and red eyes due to strain, allergy or airborne pollution.
B$ 26.00
Created from the distillation of Organic Lavender Essential Oil.
B$ 26.00
Distillation of the fragrant orange blossom flower which creates Neroli Essential Oil.
B$ 26.00
Created from the distillation of the exquisite Bulgarian Damask Rose Essential Oil.
B$ 26.00
Clarifies the skin, combats impurities and refines the pores for a radiant, smoother complexion. With salicylic and mandelic acid (BHA and AHA) and soothing white tea. For oily to combination skin prone to impurities. Vegan.
B$ 11.50
A wiping lotion that gently wipes off oil and dirt while leaving moisture on the skin, keeping the skin moist.
B$ 14.90
A milky lotion containing whitening and rough skin prevention ingredients.
B$ 19.90
A lotion containing whitening and rough skin prevention ingredients.
B$ 19.90
say hello to the good stuff!
B$ 5.90
Functional booster that prepares for translucent and radiant skin. Main ingredients: Niacinamide, Damask Rose Water, Plant Stem Cell.
B$ 27.50
Mins ampoules allow our skin immediately looks smoother and hydrated with just a single-use. Ampoules support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions. With added nicotinamide can achieve overall skin fairer effect!
From B$ 65.00
The high tolerance micellar water that gently cleanses and removes make-up, soothes and leave intolerant skin hydrated.
B$ 12.90
The high tolerance extra light moisturizer that reduces skin reactivity and soothes discomfort sensations with a mat finish and a delicate natural scent.
B$ 22.90
The micellar water with natural surfactants that gently cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive eyes and leaves the skin hydrated.
B$ 12.90
Sensitive skin Cleanses, Removes Make-up Face and Eyes No-rinse
B$ 19.90
With Dermatreat Actives for acne treatment. For acne prone skin.
B$ 6.45
Freshen up you face just with a spray!
B$ 6.95
3-in-1 mist for makeup primer, setting spray, and skin refresh with Advanced Niacinamide.
B$ 6.95
A toner with non alcohol pH balance formula.
B$ 4.95
A non alcohol facial toner with pH Balance Formula.
B$ 6.90
To maintain the skin's moisture
B$ 5.95