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Helps to strengthen the hair roots.
B$ 19.90
Daily intensive nutrition with high concentrated serum. Perfect for finishing and styling!
B$ 21.90 B$ 19.90
Reformulated. This is a shampoo and treatment formulated with marine clay that absorbs impurities and sebum as well as silk derived cleansing components and 4 types of oils and manuka honey that nourish and hydrate the scalp.
B$ 29.90
Non silicone shampoo that contains marine clay that absorbs and remove scalp dirt and sebum.
B$ 29.90
4 kinds of natural oils and manuka honey ingredients. Care and moisturize damaged hair. And manuka honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. They give tenseness and luster.
B$ 29.90
Natural clay ingredients , gentle absorption, cleans grease dirt. Absorbs sebum and dirt from the fur and pores while maintaining a healthy moisturizing scalp environment.
B$ 29.90
The solution for hard to comb hair
B$ 17.90
A leave-in conditioning spray in a complete hair care system that is formulated with natural herbs blended with an olive oil complex to nourish, strengthen, and fortify hair from root to tip
B$ 21.90
This restoring mask for damaged hair will become an indispensable tool in daily care and you will be pleasantly surprised after the first use.
B$ 24.00
In just 3 minutes, Anti-breakages Hair loss Mask nourishes and strengthens hair by providing the required nutrients, and repairs it from root to tip, while combating hair loss.
B$ 39.50
Shock treatment indicated to combat acute periodsof hair loss.
B$ 139.90
The perfect treatment to combat the first signs of hair loss or for permanent hair loss prevention.
B$ 49.90
The high skin tolerance Sensitive Mask nourishes and strengthens hair in just 3 minutes.
B$ 39.50
Set off these smooth, strenghtened and refreshed tresses with our OGX® Restoring + Bonding Plex Leave-In treatment, the third step in our salon technology conditioning system.
B$ 19.90
If soft, smooth spirals are what you're after, this sweetly scented formula blend, with coconut oil, honey, and citrus oil, can help do just the trick.
B$ 19.90
This powerful, potent blend infused with Argan oil perfect for damaged, coarse hair, help bring your smoothness back with just a few healing drops; just apply to damp hair and let dry naturally; with Moroccan Argan oil for extra protection.
B$ 19.90
This rare, ultra light weight formula is nature's secret to silky perfection!
B$ 19.90
Formulated with natural extra virgin olive oil, Betaine, pro-vitamin B5 and natural plant extracts.
B$ 20.00
An intensive hair repair oil blended with botanical rose oil extracted from Damask Rose. Concentrated hair repair dense serum that repairs damaged and split ends.
B$ 23.00
Rosenoa rose oil is a botanical rose oil for both hair and body, with Damask rose flower oil, jojoba seed oil and rice bran oil.
B$ 23.00
This cream makes it easy to achieve moisturized, easy to manage hair, down to the roots. Rose scent.
B$ 17.50
Salon Link Extra Treatment repairs damaged and stressed hair, from root to tip.
B$ 12.50
The cleansing product that purifies, facilitates elimination of flaky skin and dandruff, reduces redness and scratching, that can be used on body, face, scalp and external intimate mucous membranes
B$ 21.90
Tsubaki Premium Hair Mask with Rich Innovative Permeation Technology with Camellia Oil and Royal Jelly that deeply penetrates into the hair for to provide and lock in nutrients for sustained effects of salon treatment with Zero waiting time.
B$ 24.90
Increases the body of the hair. It boosts hair growth and slows down hair fall.
B$ 54.00