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essence is Europe's No. 1 cosmetics brand (in units). Its products are 100% vegan.

We love make-up.

We love self-expression and creativity, experimenting that feeling you get when you know that you look amazing.

We love make-up because it's not just on the surface. It also shows how we feel and think.

We love make-up because it actually reveals more of us than it hides.

We believe that make-up should be fun - Choosing, playing, applying, trying, wearing and, yeah, even removing make-up should be fun - We work really hard for that. Because only what is really good is really fun.

We are proud. We think pink.

We care about you and the environment. We believe in beauty without cruelty, in make-up with good ingrediients, for the price you've always loved so you don't have to stress or to worry.

We believe in enjoying life, without the pressure to be perfect.

But most of all: we believe in the girl inside of everyone of us.

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Whether they're using a smartphone, cooking, tidying up the apartment or working out at the gym: our hands are always in action! That's why regular and intensive care is essential.
B$ 3.82 B$ 5.10
After plucking comes care – the moisturizing After Shape Brow Roller soothes stressed skin quickly and easily and helps it to regenerate.
B$ 4.42 B$ 5.90
The ANGLED EYELINER BRUSH allows a precise, reliable application of eyeliner textures thanks to its ultra-fine brush tip and angled handle.
B$ 2.85 B$ 3.80
This beautiful set of brushes is perfect to complete your collection of accessories and achieve perfect looks. Beautifully designed and packaged 2-in-1, it doubles as a gift box and storage for your brushes or makeup favourites.
B$ 16.12 B$ 21.50
The Choose your Glow! Highlighter Palette now has a sister for an ultimate sun-kissed look: the Bronze YOUR WAY bronzing palette.
B$ 7.42 B$ 9.90
BRONZED this way
B$ 5.18 B$ 6.90
Bold eyebrows give the face even more personality
B$ 5.62 B$ 7.50
Lipgloss stick
B$ 2.92 B$ 3.90
The look of our lip balm is already eye-catching thanks to its silver base and the semi-transparent cap that matches the colour of the lip balm.
B$ 3.75 B$ 5.00
The daily Drop of BEAUTY SLEEP AMPOULE FACE SERUM with 7% lavender water and a relaxing lavender scent provides moisture and is easy to integrate into your evening skincare routine.
B$ 6.68 B$ 8.90
For a boost of energy and care in the morning: the daily Drop of ENERGY AMPOULE FACE SERUM is the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine and can be applied on the face, neck and décolleté before your moisturizer or underneath foundation.
B$ 6.68 B$ 8.90
Dancing Green
B$ 5.18 B$ 6.90
Doubling it up: the innovative DOUBLE TROUBLE mascara in a super bold design offers everything that beauty lovers dream of in a mascara in one product
B$ 5.92 B$ 7.90
Doubling it up: the innovative DOUBLE TROUBLE mascara in a super bold design offers everything that beauty lovers dream of in a mascara in one product
B$ 5.78 B$ 7.70
The fix & LAST make-up gripping JELLY PRIMER is the perfect partner in crime for all beauty lovers who are looking for extra-long hold.
B$ 6.15 B$ 8.20
2 shades available
B$ 3.00 B$ 4.00
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