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2080 Pure Salt Toothpaste is free of the 7 harmful ingredients (Tar coloring, animal ingredients, mineral ingredients, petroleum-based surfactant, sodium benzoate, methyl p-Hydroxy benzoate, Propyl p-Hydroxy benzoate) and only contains the necessary ingredients for safe use.
B$ 3.20 B$ 3.00
Brush with Wavecut for better cleaning. Easy grip.
B$ 7.90
Genuine Oral B Electric Toothbrush DB4010 Battery Operated Tooth Brush Oral Hygiene Precision Clean Rotating Teeth Brush Head
B$ 19.00
Oral-B Genuine Precision Clean Replacement White Toothbrush Heads, Refills for Electric Toothbrush, Deep and Precise Cleaning
B$ 29.00
DEEP CLEANING AND HEALTHIER GUMS with 360 ° GUM PRESSURE CONTROL that visibly alerts you if you brush too hard
B$ 120.00
Oral-B Pro 750 Black Edition, equipped with a professional timer, the Pro 750 electric toothbrush helps you brush your teeth for the time recommended by dentists, equal to 2 minutes.
B$ 74.00
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