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Feeling beautiful means feeling good. The Beurer FaceCare range meets all your personal grooming and well-being requirements. A healthy, pure and even complexion will really make your smile shine!
B$ 39.00
Accessory for Magimix robot to press your citrus fruits. The accessory has two cones for small and large citrus fruits.
B$ 10.00 B$ 50.00
You can do everything in your kneading mould: knead, leaven and bake. All removable parts clean up very quickly and are dishwasher safe.
B$ 12.00 B$ 60.00
A lot of shoes squeezed in the shoe cabinet with bad smell.
B$ 23.00
Cubes and sticks of fruits and vegetables in the blink of an eye!
B$ 12.00 B$ 60.00
Made in France, these rugged and high-powered kitchen appliances are influenced by commercial kitchen machines – and indeed, often use commercial-quality materials – but are far more pleasing on the eye, and easier for the everyday cook to operate.
B$ 10.00 B$ 50.00
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