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A combination of German Chamomile, Bulgarian Damask Rose and Lavender organic floral waters are especially soothing and gentle for sensitive and delicate skin. Also useful for tired and red eyes due to strain, allergy or airborne pollution.
B$ 26.00
Created from the distillation of Organic Lavender Essential Oil.
B$ 26.00
Distillation of the fragrant orange blossom flower which creates Neroli Essential Oil.
B$ 26.00
Created from the distillation of the exquisite Bulgarian Damask Rose Essential Oil.
B$ 26.00
A wiping lotion that gently wipes off oil and dirt while leaving moisture on the skin, keeping the skin moist.
B$ 14.90
A milky lotion containing whitening and rough skin prevention ingredients.
B$ 19.90
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