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Slimming & Electric Massagers

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An extensive range of beauty devices for all your beauty needs.
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Cellulite massager, Effective massaging of the connective tissue, Noticeably firmer skin. Promotes circulation in the skin layers. Easy application for use at home. Individually adjustable handle. Ergonomically shaped Removable massage rollers for easy cleaning.
B$ 115.00
The vibration technology of the cellulite releaZer relaxes and firms the deep tissues precisely where it counts. It promotes and accelerates the breakdown of fat molecules in the fat cells and breaks down cellulite in the areas where it is formed.
B$ 299.00
Flawless complexion thanks to blue LED light. The facial brush cleans gently and thoroughly for a noticeably soft and radiant complexion. The blue LED light reduces skin impurities fast.
B$ 120.00
The infrared massager with its penetrating tapping massage helps you feel relaxed. The infrared heat can be selected separately. The device is versatile in its application thanks to its removable handle.
B$ 180.00
This renowned beauty-salon microdermabrasion technology makes your skin feel more supple. With double effect for a more even, younger-looking complexion.
B$ 180.00
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