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SKIL is the fun and daring brand with no creative limits intended for young women with multi-faceted personalities, who want to go ahead and change their perfume as and when they please!

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Close your eyes and get transported to an exotic island where you can enjoy the freshest fruit imaginable. Skil Summer Crush Coconut Shake body spray for women smells like a carefree summer day on a beautiful sunlit beach.
B$ 14.90
Skil Colors Ray of Life Eau de Parfum for women will become your new addiction you simply won’t be willing to give up. It’s magic spell will enchant you from the first sniff and every new day will be a proof that you simply need to keep it on your vanity at all times.
B$ 25.90
Treat yourself to refreshment not only on a hot summer day. Skil Colors Instant Crush Eau de Parfum for women envelops you in a fragrance full of citrus notes that will give you energy and stimulate your senses.
B$ 25.90
The combination of delicacy and strength, which is hidden in every woman, now has its form in the world of fragrances. Skil Colors Life in Pink Eau de Parfum will highlight all aspects of your personality and perfectly complement your unique charisma.
B$ 25.90
Let your senses dance with delight! Skil Milky Way Strawberry Fizz body spray for women is like a cocktail mixed from an exciting range of ingredients – always fun and always giving your day the right rhythm.
B$ 14.90
Surround yourself with a fragrance that will make you feel wonderful all day long. Skil Toxic Love Sweet Temptation body spray for women is an expression of optimism and perfect happiness.
B$ 14.90
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