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Serum & Essence

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Formulated to balance sebaceous gland over activity, unblock clogged pores, soothe irritation and improve skin condition.
B$ 26.00
This exquisite essence with natural anti-aging properties contains nature’s finest pure essential oils to stimulate, enrich and restore skin texture
B$ 29.00
Formulated to stimulate and balance sebaceous gland function to refine skin texture and nourish for softer, glowing moisturised skin.
B$ 26.00
This essence is formulated to reduce overactivity of sebaceous glands and the occurrence of acnes. To tone, balance and encourage a glowing skin that is refined and clear.
B$ 26.00
Aromatherapy facial essence for sensitive skin to effectively calm and soothe irritation, redness and reactive skin.
B$ 26.00
Contains trehalose that "protects" hyaluronic acid that "stores". Double moisturizing power to the skin.
B$ 14.90
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