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The display of your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro will stay perfectly clear and clean, shielded by this premium screen protector from PanzerGlass. This ultra-thin screen protector is coated with an antimicrobial, antibacterial substance that keeps the display of your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro free from bacteria and fungal spores.
B$ 29.00
With this screen protector, your secrets are safe from the prying eyes of people sitting next to you on the train, on the bus or in the office. The specially designed privacy filter renders the content of your screen virtually invisible to everyone except you.
B$ 29.00
Keep your iPhone 13 Pro Max activity for yourself using this PanzerGlass Privacy AntiBacterial tempered glass screen protector!
B$ 29.00
Keep the screen clean! SPRAY Twice A Day is a new anti-bacterial screen cleaner that you can use for all mobile devices and glasses. SPRAY Twice A Day is water-based and contains only active ingredients commonly used in hygiene and cosmetic products. It does not contain perfume, ammonia, toxins, alcohol. Since it contains no alcohol, there is no risk that the oleophobic layer of the phone screen will not be destroyed. SPRAY Twice A Day, was developed in Denmark in close cooperation with the Danish Institute of Technology. SPRAY Twice A Day
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