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Manicare is Australia's trusted beauty tools brand that provides solutions for all nail and beauty needs.

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Cuticle trimmer and pusher with curved ergonomic shape pushes & removes overgrown cuticles.
B$ 8.95
The Oval Sponge is a high quality, extra thick latex free sponge
B$ 0.00
The Round Sponge is a high quality, extra thick latex free sponge
B$ 0.00
The perfect and correct sponge kit contains 3 sponges for all your base make-up needs.
B$ 13.90
Duo Length & Define Mascara Brushes Manicare Mascara Brushes include 2 types of disposable mascara brushes to help create 2 different lash looks.
B$ 9.90
A retractable foundation brush ideal for all-over application of foundation.
B$ 19.90
Manicare Retractable Concealer Brush is made with fine quality soft synthetic bristles and is designed to cover up spots, dark circles or other blemishes while on the go.
B$ 13.90
Finest quality colour-coated stainless steel tweezers with perfectly aligned, hand filed precision tip.
B$ 7.30
Ultimate slant tweezers with a contoured grip for extra control.
B$ 12.50
An ultra fine, elongated point tweezer ideal for easy removal of short, fine or ingrown hairs & splinters.
B$ 9.50
Pack of 2 travel safe tubes that can hold up to 89mL of liquid which complies with carry-on luggage regulations.
B$ 7.90
Pamper relief for tired eyes, these soothing eye gels will help you feel relaxed and refreshed.
B$ 5.60
Stainless steel scissors designed to cut babies nails with safety & ease.
B$ 10.70
Deluxe satin quality stainless steel scissors ideal for gently cutting nails accurately & easily.
B$ 8.50
Stainless steel file to soften callouses & removes dry skin on heels.
B$ 9.65
Slant tweezers ideal for removing coarse eyebrow hair.
B$ 7.30
Multi purpose flat tweezers with a matte coated surface to ensure greater precision.
B$ 7.30
Finest quality stainless steel multi purpose tweezers with a matt-coated surface for grip.
B$ 7.00
Manicare Point Tweezers Gold Plated Tips. Made from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel
B$ 8.90
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