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Lip Balm & Treatements

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The nourishing lip balm that protects dry or chapped lips with a delicate vanilla scent.
B$ 4.90
Clean ID Plumping Care Lip Oil
B$ 9.50
Soothes and nourishes the lips. With shea butter, hyaluronic acid, lavender oil and cranberry extract. The scent of lavender accompanies your restful sleep. Vegan,
B$ 7.50
Treatment with a plumping effect, Reduces fine lines and irregularities. With hyaluronic acid and menthol. Vegan.
B$ 7.50
Summer feeling on your lips.
B$ 4.90
Pampered lips for the ultimate no-make-up look? No problem: The LIP CARE BOOSTER range is your must-have for smooth, soft and full lips, each with 10% natural oil content! The Lip Peeling with rich avocado oil, in a practical no-touch stick format, ensures supple, soft lips and a fresh feeling.
B$ 4.00
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