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It is a BBQ one-plate type plate that fits neatly into food, drinks, chopsticks, etc.
B$ 10.50
A design basket that can be use for laundry and storage.
B$ 19.50
A versatile bucket that combines a storage bucket and can be used as a stepping stone or chair.
B$ 45.50
An 8L bucket that is ideal for cleaning and car wash.
B$ 11.50
A lunch box that can store side dishes in 5 medium containers that can be subdivided.
B$ 13.50
A two-tiered lunch box with a handbag that is convenient to carry.
B$ 20.50
A bento lunch box set from Japan, microwavable without lids.
B$ 15.50
Best colander & bowl set for your kitchen, you can use these strainers to rinse your salad leafs, fruits and vegetables.
B$ 14.50
A plastic cord tag to helps create clear, unambiguous cable identification tags.
B$ 2.00
A dip party dish that can be easily served in a fashionable manner with a vegetable stick or bucket.
B$ 22.50
Drainer rack for both vertical and horizontal use Nico style with an eco-hook that is convenient for draining PET bottles!
B$ 21.50
Just what you need for storing dry items.
B$ 12.50
Food storage container with a simple design that is easy to use and can be used in the microwave.
B$ 4.50
Food pack square series which steam power can push up a lid and make food heated in a microwave oven. Rakuchin pack series that makes cooking even more convenient!
B$ 3.50
From the refrigerator to the microwave as it is, the easy pack series that makes cooking even more convenient!
B$ 16.50
Smart pack square 9-piece set green is a storage container compatible with microwave ovens. A set of 9 square storage containers of different sizes that can be stored compactly.
B$ 15.50
Pull-out storage under the stocker sink with handle. It has a shape that makes it easy to get over steps when returning the stocker.
B$ 19.50
Plus smart kitchen paper holder with a magnet and suction cup, it is strongly fixed and can be attached to the refigerator or wall.
B$ 23.50
A bucket for footbath where you can easily enjoy footbath in your living room or bedroom. Compact for women.
B$ 18.50
Slide case drawers organizer for your lingeries and acessories.
B$ 25.50
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