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Eye Care

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The 24hr moisturizing eye care that acts on all concerns of the eye contour, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration fine lines with anti-pollution protection.
B$ 24.90
Care about skin damage, aging, pores and so on only because the waste products accumulate become a pop.
B$ 29.90
Benefits: 1. Brights up the eyes. 2. Corrects all signs of aging.
B$ 69.00
Ideal for sensitive skin, the Nexcareâ„¢ Gentle Removal Eyepatch is a great option for repeat applications due to the gentle adhesive. Only to be used as part of your eye doctor's treatment plan, this hypoallergenic eye patch is specifically designed to help treat amblyopia (also known as lazy eye).
B$ 12.40
Night Recovery Eye Balm
B$ 8.70
Route to beautiful lashes. You will see results in 3-4 weeks; some sees results in 2 weeks or even 7 days! Depending on individual! Best result to seen with at least with 2 bottles. 1 bottle can last for 2-3 months
B$ 56.00
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