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Creer Beaute

Japanese cosmetic brand Creer Beaute belongs to Bandai, the renowned toy, anime and video game company based in Tokyo. Creer Beaute transforms well-loved and highly popular anime characters into eye-catching makeup collections, from Sailor Moon wand-shaped eyeliners, lipstics and gleaming powder compacts to mascaras and face masks inspired by The Rose of Versailles.

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Natural Tea Black outlines for perfect radians
B$ 19.90
Deep Black, for bigger, brighter looking eyes.
B$ 19.90
Moisturizing Elastic Skin with a pleasing peach fragrance. For deep moisturizing and skin repair for soft, smooth and elastic skin. Recommended for daily use.
B$ 8.90
Medicated Powerful whitening. Powerful whitening and brightening medicated ingredients that effectively inhibits melanin production, while adding moisturizing to skin. This is the mask to use for amazing whitening effects.
B$ 8.90
Like a black pearl shining in the dark! With hydrolyzed pearl layer (keratene protein) for individually coated lashes with lash care!
B$ 29.90
Fine 0.1mm pen tip, brown narration for brighter looking eyes.
B$ 19.90
Deep hydration. Blessed with the smell of roses, this mask focuses on deep skin hydration. Its recommended for dry skin as it instantly quenches skin's thirst.
B$ 8.90
Silver is whitening protection. Ideal for daily use to maintain smooth and fair skin. With instant brightening effects that stays long after application. If you have fair skin and whitening needs, this is the one to choose.
B$ 8.90
It soothes the skin, moisturized with no sticky, brightens skin and easy skin care.
B$ 24.90
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