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Body Soap

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Simple Soap is free from artificial perfume and colour. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
B$ 3.00
Invigorating Body And Hair Wash For The Ultimate Post-Workout Recharge. Masculine Notes Of Pepper And Cyprus Meet Copper-Rich Extracts For Instant Revitalisation
B$ 9.90
The gentle bar that cleanses without drying out and protects the skin barrier enriched with nourishing coconut oil.
B$ 10.90
The unifying exfoliating bar that gently cleanses, smoothes skin texture, reduce dark spots and restores complexion radiance
B$ 13.90
The gentle bar that cleanses and protects the fragile skin of newborns and babies enriched with nourishing cottonseed oil
B$ 11.90
Gentle cleansing for skin and hands. Mild formula that gently and hygienically cleanses skin and hands as well as provides reliable protection from bacteria.
B$ 5.90
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