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WE ARE CATRICE. Passionate about make-up. Serious about people and the planet.

WE'RE CATRICE. We develop make-up with all ur hearts and minds. Trends are our passion, but we only buy into those which truly make us beautiful.

We are Pros. We are in Love with Quality, just like you.

Our canvas is every face, your lips, her cheeks, our eyes, her brows, his contours, our fingertips.

We develop make-up with all our hearts. We want shelves full of cosmetic.

We want the perfect colour and the best and safest ingredients.

We think that make-up should make you happy, and we are only happy when we harm no living creature nor the planet and we truly commit to work on that.

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Highly-pigmented and long-lasting eyeshadows Matte and shimmering shades Vegan and free of microplastic particles Vegan
From B$ 9.30
A wide range of Glam & Doll Mascara offered by Catrice
From B$ 6.50
False Lashes in different styles. Short strip for particularly easy application. With an integrated lash glue.
From B$ 7.80
14 highly pigmented eyeshadows. Metallic, shimmering and matt finishes.
From B$ 17.00
20h perfect hold. 2mm tip for high-precision application. Waterproof gel texture. Vegan
B$ 4.50
72h perfect hold. Moisturizing thanks to panthenol. Precision felt tip. Vegan
B$ 7.50
Perfectly matt complexion for 18 hours With vitamin E and EvermatTM Also suitable for oily or blemish-prone skin Vegan
B$ 12.50
Persistently sets make-up in place Creates a soft matt finish for a healthy glow Pleasant soft texture Vegan
B$ 6.50
Empty palette to fill
B$ 4.90
Brow Mascara Tint effect Gel formula enriched with fibres Vegan
B$ 6.90
-Instant lifting effect -Long-lasting volume -Maximum durability -Vegan
B$ 7.80
Brow Powder Set Waterproof
B$ 6.50
Reacts to the pH-value of the lips. Holo effect. Tinted effect. Vegan
B$ 8.90
Effectively combats redness With centella asiatica and blackcurrant distillate Light, milky green texture Vegan
B$ 11.20
Clean ID Hyaluronic Fixing Spray 12H Hydro
B$ 9.70
Clean ID Hydro Brow Fixing Gel
B$ 6.10
Clean ID Mineral Brow Powder Duo
B$ 6.50
Highly-pigmented nude shades for every skin type Without silicone or microplastic The packaging is mainly made of recycled paper Vegan
B$ 13.50
100 % natural ingredients Semi-matt finish Superfood tapioca absorbs excess sebum Vegan
B$ 8.50
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